Reducing Energy Costs Should Be Safe And Affordable

EPAC believes a customer considering investing in a project to reduce their energy costs should not be at risk for the savings projected by the EASI Affiliate, and that funding the project should be a matter of fitting the payments inside the customer's own requirements. To this goal EPAC has designed a program to reduce customer risks and to make purchasing an energy project affordable.

In cooperation with our insurance partner, EPAC’s program can meet the needs of even the largest of today's energy cost reduction projects. This program is created to be an integral component of each and every project designed and implemented by EASI’s Authorized Affiliates. The technical guidelines are standardized, documented, and then overseen through inspection and review by EPAC.

EPAC's Insured Savings Guarantee program is unique in today's energy performance contracting industry. Simply, there is no other program like it in existence.

When an EASI Affiliate designs and implements an energy cost reduction project for a customer, that project is approached from its beginning until its eventual conclusion with EPAC's compliance requirements virtually safeguarding the customer at every stage.

Prior to offering EPAC's Insured Savings Guarantee to its customers, an EASI Affiliate must apply to EPAC, and meet EPAC's standards for business practice. We want the customer to realize that any energy cost reduction project offered under the EPAC Insured Savings Guarantee banner is both technically feasible and financially sound.

All energy cost reduction projects carry an estimated payback period from savings, calculated and presented by the Affiliate. EPAC will guarantee an adjusted payback period of some increased longevity; in other words, EPAC guarantees a project will pay for itself from accrued savings over a period of time that is adjusted to be some portion longer than that projected by the Affiliate. Our most reliable and proven Affiliates will present projects that carry an EPAC guarantee of 6 months longer than their own projection.

When a project meets EPAC's standards, is properly completed, and all required compliance documentation is received and accepted by EPAC, we issue a guarantee activation letter to the customer accepting responsibility for reimbursing the customer for any savings shortfall realized over the course of the guaranteed payback period. If a shortfall occurs, EPAC will pay the customer 90% of the shortfall, and the EASI Authorized Affiliate will pay the remaining 10% of the shortfall, thereby fully delivering the originally guaranteed accrued savings.


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